Rev. M. Lloyd (Malcolm) Guyton

Rev. M. Lloyd Guyton, affectionately known as Pastor Malcolm is a graduate of Turner Theological Seminary in Atlanta, GA. There he received his Masters of Divinity. He is an ordained minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. With a preacher for a father and a teacher for a mother, Pastor Guyton inherited all of the attributes from his parents and weaved them into a dynamic ministry. Both cutting edge and out of the box, Pastor Malcolm has revolutionized the way we view church. His sermons are inspiring and vibrant. He is witty and compelling, while seeking to make the word of God plain to all who hear it. His real-life application of the Bible brings a fresh look at practical life-lessons that are both timeless and relevant.

Pastor Malcolm is married to Lauren Nicole Guyton and they have two beautiful sons, Calvin Beckford and Rowan Lloyd. Their partnership in ministry began in August of 2012 and they represent the perfect ideal of a family that prays together. His love of family shows through his promotion of family fellowship opportunities. Easily approachable, Pastor Guyton refuses to be removed or detached from the congregation or the community in which he serves. Before and after worship, he can be seen greeting guests or members of the church family. And, in the community, he is visible both in the schools and at various extra curricular activities. Youth seem to gravitate towards him because of his down-to-earth approach and candor.

With over fifteen years of pastoral experience, he is a confidant, mentor and advisor to many. However, his work is not just limited to the church. Pastor Malcolm is also a motivational speaker for youth and young adults and has led seminars across the nation. He has counseled numerous young people through the college process and is credited with helping them earn degrees. His practical applications and willingness to be transparent about real-life experiences makes him both compelling and genuine. Pastor Malcolm has received numerous accolades and awards, yet he still affirms that nothing is more rewarding than knowing that he has made a positive impact on someone's life. He is currently the pastor of St. Paul AME Church in Philadelphia, PA. The Church "Where People Meet Purpose".